Fr. 13.2.: Soli für das Rechtsinfokollektiv mit bug // ten volt shock: EKH

Solicocktails & veganes Essen

After show trash Party mit FAVORITEN CALLING.

Since 1997 BUG has been living the DIY dream of the long gone 80 ies HC/Punk Underground. BUG is all about bluesy rhythm, distorted guitar melodies, slow, deep and hard bass lines, spastic drums and frantic howling. They can´tfollow no trend, so they are playing autistic Post Post Blues/Aggro/Vintage/Jazz/Punk/Doom/HC/Anti/Sludge/Noise Rock. The lyrics are about personal misery and the pitch black side of human nature, politics and the old stars of entertainment industry.

spielen vertrackten, energiegeladenen Noise-Rock.

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