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Bei den Protesten gegen die Fertigstellung des Grenzzauns an der ungarisch-serbischen Grenze und die damit einhergehenden Schließung der Grenze im September 2015, kam es zu mehreren Festnahmen. 11 Geflüchtete sitzten seit dem 16.09.2015 in Röszke in Haft. Ihnen wird die Teilnahme bzw. die Koordination der Auseinandersetzungen mit der ungarischen Polizei vorgeworfen. Diese Form der Repression stellt einen weiteren besonders absurden Teil der ungarischen bzw. gesamt europäischen Kriminalisierung von Geflüchteten dar. Anbei ein Text von Aktivist_innen aus Röszke.



There are 11 people on trial , accused by the Hungarian government for participation in “mass-riot”. They were brutally beaten up and arrested in a riot police attack last year on 16th of September, at the serbian-hungarian border Röszke/Horgoš 2 (after the fence was completed and the border was closed down), when about 5000 people were protesting and demanding their right to free movement.

These 11 people are kept in prison since that day without any support. One of the accused Ahmed H. has been constructed as the “leader” of the protest (just because he was talking to a megaphone) and accused for a “terrorist attack”. He is on a separate trial. At least 3 of the accused are obviously specially vulnerable, between them a 64 years old woman and a disabled man in wheelchairs, both of them injured in the war in Syria. Through their examples the international media covered the trial, and it was shown how ridiculous it is to pose these people as a “danger“ for the hungarian state. see the report here:

Even though the investigation is finished and the trial has started, which from the legal perspective means that people should have the right to wait for the trial out of the prison, they are still held in custody. At least 3 of them in Kiskunhalas detention, and about the others it’s even not known where they are exactly. All of them are detained without access to medical or psychological assistance. As far as it’s known only the 3 vulnerable persons are presented in front of the court by a Helsinki lawyer. If the court will find them guilty the sentence could be 1-5 years prison time, and for the syrian man who is accused for “terrorist attack” it can be 10-20 years. We want it to be clear, we do not intend to criticize for this absurd and violent act only the Hungarian government, as the most right wing or “evil“ country in EU, like many of the so called “democratic”state institutions, NGOs, and mass media do: the “Horgoš/Röszke” trial is revealing the reality of a system in which state and police violence is never put in question, and in which money and goods can move freely but not people. They are needed only as illegalized cheap workers or consumers.


This is an appeal for action! The accused people need support ASAP! If you are in Hungary or elsewhere and willing to do something, there are few things what u can do: visit the accused, write solidarity letters, put attention in their case during other actions, monitor the trials, share and publish about this case in your networks and wider, help with getting reliable legal assistance for all of the accused, improve the solidarity campaign!

Dates of coming trials:

27 JuneSAM_6506 ( Ahmed H.)

29 June, 8 am

30 June, 8:0 am

1 July, 8:00 am

Location : 6722 Szeged, Tábor u. 4. [press must register]

No one should be forgotten! United against all prisons and fences!


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